Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Morphe Brushes is a rapidly growing brand which boasts brilliant quality for an affordable price. Their brand has really grown through social media such as Instagram and YouTube and the Morphe 35O 35 Color Nature Glow Palette has risen to be one of the most, if not the most sought-after palette of the decade. It is that way for a reason of course, just look at it!


The Morphe 35O palette has an array of versatile shades leaning between neutral and warm tones. Any person who loves warm tones will love this palette. It consists of champagne nudes, nude beiges, rich chocolate shades and bronzes to fiery amber and rusty orange tones. Twenty one of these eyeshadows are matte while the remaining fourteen are a mixture of satin, shimmer, foiled and even duo-chrome finishes.

When it comes to packaging the 35O isn’t anything fancy. Just a sleek, thin plastic palette that houses thirty five single eyeshadows. It is a massive palette, to be frank. It’s quite a tough palette too, considering the cheap packaging. To my surprise it’s still intact after six months and a few drops! I’m sure you’re aware this palette does not come with a mirror. Neither do any of their other palettes but I’m sure it’s one reason why they’re so affordable. These eyeshadows don’t come with names unlike most eyeshadow palettes which is unfortunate, but considering how many palettes Morphe have let alone how many eyeshadows are in each one, I’ll let them off!

Morphe 35O Palette | Packaging

Now, the quality of these eyeshadows are insanely pigmented. They’re also very easy to blend and you get very little fall out. For the price, it’s not just “good”, it’s amazing. Ever since this palette arrived I’ve used it every single day without fail (I’ve just hit pan on my transition shade which is a big deal as I have never hit pan on anything before)! Granted there are one or two darker matte shades that are less pigmented than the rest of their family, but it is absolutely my favourite palette of all time and the hype it gets is very well deserved.

To get my beloved Morphe 35O palette, I used Shipito, a courier service. In total I paid £36.37 for my palette (I also used Jaclyn Hill’s discount code), including shipping and tax. I did not get charged customs (If you would like to know the exact costs and how it worked out, feel free to contact me or let me know if you want a post on it).

1row1Row 1: Matte off-white, satin pearl pink, shimmery pale pink, metallic golden copper, matte light sandy brown, matte camel brown, matte orange.

1row2Row 2: Matte vanilla, duo-chrome cream-pink, shimmery pale gold, matte medium beige, matte muted peach, matte fudge brown, matte muted orange.

1row3Row 3: Matte tan brown, matte taupe, matte cool-toned brown, matte medium chestnut brown, satin copper, foiled pearl pink, matte red orange.

1row4Row 4: Satin cool-toned brown, metallic bronze, matte dark chocolate brown, matte walnut brown, satin bronze, satin red-brown, matte brick red.

1row5Row 5: Glittery cool-toned dark brown, matte neutral brown, matte mocha brown, matte pecan brown, matte dark taupe-brown, metallic copper red, foiled bright copper.

Let’s look at some swatches shall we!

Aren’t they just gorgeous? :heart_eyes:. The burnt oranges and coppers really remind me of Autumn. Some of them really resemble the likes of MAC and Makeup Geek eyeshadows!

For all of my fellow UK beauties who are dying to get your hands on this gorgeous eyeshadow palette, Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay online are UK stockists of the Morphe 35O Palette. I’d recommend stalking their pages/websites as Beauty Bay did have this palette back in stock recently after months. Alternatively, you could use a courier service like I did and just stalk Morphe’s website until it’s back in stock again. For all of my US beauties, you are very lucky and we envy you. A lot.

Overall this highly raved about palette is worth all the praise it gets. The 35O is perfect for creating everyday natural looks and smokey eyes. It’s a beautifully versatile palette incorporating warm, neutral and cool tones with amazing colour pay off  and a variety of finishes. I would recommend this to anyone who loves their warm tones. I’m really glad I purchased this palette. You can’t go wrong for such an affordable price. Morphe, I’m very impressed and I’m looking forward to try more of your products!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! If you have any questions feel free to comment down below or contact me!

Take care my lovelies, :kiss:


Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette
The Good


Perfect for warm eye shadow lovers

Mixture of matte and shimmers

Versatile pallete

Highly pigmented

The Bad

Availability is weak

Packaging is flimsy

No mirror

Louise Yafai

Louise is the founder of Non-Fiction Beauty. She studies Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy and has an addiction to sweetcorn.

  1. This palette looks so tempting!

    c&s recently posted please have a look thanki you

  2. I’m so surprised that this keeps getting such amazing reviews, I feel like it’s just too good to be true! Haven’t tried any Morphe products myself but that’s mainly because I find it really hard to get a hold of and I’d like to just swatch the shadows in person and not have to just rely on what they look like online…

    Julia //

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