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I think out of all questions I have received in regards to beauty, 90% have been about my eyebrows. So here is my most requested post on how I fill in my brows!

Unfortunately when I was younger and less than smart, I got hold of a pair of tweezers and tweezed to my hearts content. The result left me with extremely thin and sparse brows which have been very difficult to grow out. Although, the one good thing about it is that I can practically change my eyebrow shape every time I fill them in!

I feel this post will hopefully help some of you who also suffer the same problem so that you can take your brows from 0 to flawless in just five easy steps!

Before we start, I’m going to share with you some tips that form the technique I use. Here are some things to consider regarding how I create the perfect brow:

  • I use eyeshadow to fill in my brows. Matte eyeshadow to be specific. People are often surprised when I tell them this but for me using eyeshadow for my brows provides a more natural look. It’s also much easier to blend.
  • No matter what I always use an angled brush to fill in my brows. I don’t have a specific reason for this other than personal preference. I feel it speeds up the process faster and gives a more precise finish rather than using a diddy flat brush. The brushes I love to use for filling in my brows are usually my Zoeva 317 Wing Liner Brush or my favourite UBU Angled Eye Definer Brush.
  • This is an important feature of my technique. I use two different shades to fill in my eyebrows. Since my eyebrows are naturally Jet Black, using a Black eyeshadow solely makes my eyebrows stand out too much. Creating a minor gradient is what makes my brows look more natural. I use a Matte Taupe eyeshadow to fill in the first third of my eyebrow, then go in with a Matte Black eyeshadow to fill in the rest of my eyebrow.

20140918_184711 20140918_184711h

Here are the Matte eyeshadows I use. They belong to the Welcome To The Pleasuredome Palette by Makeup Revolution (review here). For some reason the Taupe shade comes off a lot lighter in the picture, it’s slightly darker than what it seems.

Quick Guide

DSC01292vdf (2)


Here’s a quick little diagram for what you should keep in mind when working on your eyebrows.

  • A: This vertical line from the edge of the nose extending upwards is normally where your natural brow should start. As you can see mine starts further in. I do this to give the illusion of closer set eyes (great tip if you have wide set eyes!).
  • B: This diagonal line from the edge of the nose extending upwards (passing through the pupil) determines where your arch should be.
  • C: This vertical line from the edge of the nose extending upwards (passing through the outer corner of the eye) determines where your brow should end.

Using a pencil and this diagram you can work out the positioning of your eyebrows. Following this will help you determine your ideal brow shape!

Step 1

I start off by brushing my brows with a brow brush/spooly and create a line at the botttom of the first half of my eyebrow using an angled brush and the Matte Taupe eyeshadow, as you can see below.


Step 2

I then lightly create another line at the top of the first half of my eyebrows (sometimes I like to adjust the thickness of my brows but it is usually where the first couple of brow hairs reach).


Step 3

I then drag the line at an angle to create my arch. Having sparse brows towards the ends means I can ‘customise’ the arch of my brows but I like to take the arch a little high as I feel it complements my eye shape well.


Step 4

When I am satisfied with the arch I will press into the same Matte Taupe eyeshadow for more pigment and trace over the line with long strokes. This is also the part where I extend the ‘tail’ of my brow with the same Matte Taupe and adjust the angle however I like. Sometimes I will go in with the Matte Black eyeshadow and trace over the Matte Taupe eyeshadow lightly. Additionally I like to take a small flat brush and the tiniest bit of concealer to tidy up any mess or make my brow look more even.


Step 5

When I am happy with the shape of my brow I will then take the same small angled brush, dip it into the matte Black eyeshadow and define the shape of my brow more. I usually trace over the outer half of my brow and use very light strokes towards the first third if it looks patchy in areas in some cases. Again, if I make a mess or make my brow look uneven I’ll work with concealer to correct it.

I also tilt my head downwards and fill in my brows more thoroughly. For some reason no matter what I use to brush my brows straight, they will always gather together (as you can see below). I like to make sure my brows have no gaps between the brow hairs and where I fill them in, so this step is a must for me!

To finish off my brows I blend out the beginning of my brow with a spooly to make everything seamless. Because I am using such Dark colours I don’t want it to look like I’ve filled in my brows with a Sharpie pen (that is a no no!). By blending the part where your brow begins and creating a slight gradient, it all comes together to create the perfect brow (in my opinion). Finally, I will shape my brow with concealer a little more until I am satisfied with the way it looks, then repeat on the other brow :blush:.




I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was long overdue. This is the way I have been filling in my eyebrows for a couple of years now. I recently bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (as I’ve been dying to try it!) so I thought I should post this as soon as possible before I change my eyebrow routine :grin:.

If you have any beauty related questions, don’t hesitate to ask me via my or email.

Have a lovely day and take care my lovelies, :kiss:



Louise Yafai

Louise is the founder of Non-Fiction Beauty. She studies Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy and has an addiction to sweetcorn.

  1. Beautifully done and the result is stunning, will try and repeat what you’ve shown us. Thank you Louise. xx

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