How I Store My Makeup Brushes!

I thought I would do a short yet sweet post on how I store my makeup brushes as I think this is such a perfect idea for anybody who has trouble storing their makeup brushes without them falling or sliding everywhere! This is extremely easy and affordable too, may I add :blush:.

I recently adopted inspiration from the lovely Iqra (The Blushing Giraffe) (her blog is amazing, please check it out!) after liking a photo of hers on Instagram with the prettiest brush holders I have ever seen! She kindly informed me where she purchased them from and the very next day I was off on the hunt for them!

I was so excited to purchase these alongside other items for my new room, they are just so aesthetically pleasing. Although they technically come under the category ‘plant pots’, who’s to say they can’t be used for any other purpose?

These plant pots are part of the SKURAR series from IKEA. You can view the full series here. I wanted to purchase the same ones Iqra had purchased (candle holders), but I didn’t see them in store :weary:. Regardless of that, I still love the ones I did end up buying!

Here is a close-up:

SKURAR plant pots IKEA
How adorable is the design?!

I purchased a big sized one along with a small sized one, if you could not already tell by the picture. I think the total came to about £4/£5. So affordable and chic! The big pot is where I store my face brushes, and the little one is for all of my eye/lip brushes. Originally I had regret buying the big one shortly afterwards, as I realised it may have been too big. But with the amount of brushes I have and the size of them, I’m doing just fine.

Now, you know when you have a pretty brush holder and your brushes just keep sliding down or falling to the other side of it? Annoying right? :neutral_face:

Here’s what I did, I got some rice (basmati to be precise) (I’M A POET AND I KNOW IT), dyed it with food colouring (I wanted a pop of colour to match the theme of my bedroom), let it dry for a couple of hours in the fridge and poured it into each pot!

Obviously the colouring is optional, but it was just my little touch to it. I didn’t want it to be too dull and although you can’t really see it unless you’re looking over it, it’s still nice for me to know I did a little something something with it.

I figured it would be helpful to fill my brush holder with a substance of some sort in order for my brushes to stop falling about everywhere, and boom! The epiphany presented itself! I was pretty proud of this moment to be honest. Now, I can store my brushes efficiently, in the cutest pots ever! Now I know I’m not a genius for thinking of this idea, but I’m pretty chuffed it struck me without having to find it online like I usually do with most things!

It’s so easy to manoeuvre the brushes about now, still maintaining that hold. I am loving it so far! I hope some of you find this post helpful :blush:

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Hope everyone’s having a good week :blush:, take care m’lovelies :kiss:

Louise Yafai

Louise is the founder of Non-Fiction Beauty. She studies Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy and has an addiction to sweetcorn.


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