How To Get A Free MAC Lipstick!

Hey girls! This is possibly going to be the shortest, yet sweetest post so far. I got a MAC lipstick recently, for FREE. I think this is a great deal not many people are aware of, hence why I decided to make this post dedicated to the matter!

Okay, so you know how most people throw their empty foundation bottles and general cosmetic products away once they’re finished? Don’t do that with MAC products!

By handing in six MAC makeup empties, you get to choose a free lipstick to keep. This is part of the ‘Back to MAC’ program which is continuously running (so there is no rush!). Although it may take some time, I still think it’s great for girls who don’t throw their MAC empties away. I know I don’t, so I’m glad I could take up this opportunity!

If you’re still unsure about this, click here to see the details on MAC’s website.

MAC Lipstick Counter
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From this program you get to choose any lipstick with the silver bullet packaging. A LOT of choice there!

With the help of my mother I handed in four foundation bottles, one concealer bottle and a powder container.

I was actually worried at first that they wouldn’t accept them, as they’re obviously not clean from the inside. But it was fine, haha!

They don’t give you the packaging, as you usually need to write your signature on that so they can process it. However, I’m not at all fussed about that.

Note: You can not be refunded or exchange any lipsticks that you have received for free.

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If you could have a free MAC lipstick, which would you choose?

Take care m’dears, :kiss:

Louise Yafai

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