How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

So I’ve heard a lot of people experience the same problem when they wash their brushes, they usually start shedding and the damage unfolds. I too, had this trouble a while back. Ever since using two very simple ingredients, however, I am able to clean my makeup brushes very efficiently and still maintain their pristine condition!

You will need:

  • Coconut oil
  • Fairy Liquid
  • Water (obvs)
  • Plastic container/plate
  • Towel

Now, you may have noticed the two main ingredients are coconut oil and fairy liquid. (You may have also thought “ERR WHAT IS THAT IN THE CONTAINER”)

“I can understand using fairy liquid, but why the hell would you use coconut oil to clean your makeup brushes?”

Ah, see. Most people think using oil in this process would surely damage your brushes by making them greasy and hard to work with. That’s where they are wrong. Now, using washing up liquid alone to clean your brushes is most likely going to strip the hairs of its natural oils and make them very dry, prone to shredding. This is why, pairing it with a new pal (coconut oil) is essential. You will have an elixir that removes pigment, oils, bacteria whilst re-conditioning your brushes and helping it sustain its best condition!

So, what you want to do is take your plate/container and fill it with a generous amount of washing up liquid (if you are going to clean a fair amount of brushes). Then add just a little amount of coconut oil, take your dirty brush, and stir it in a circular motion. Make sure your brush is engaging contact with both the washing up liquid and the oil! You will see a thick cloud of makeup develop as you stir it, it’s working!

After swirling around all your brushes in your magic elixir, run the tap and rinse all of that dirt out with your hands thoroughly! Note: Do not use hot water! This will damage your brushes. Warm water is fine, just not hot water. I recommend washing your brushes with cold water for the best results.

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(I suggest making sure your coconut oil is heated well enough to pour out. I had trouble with this as the oil that was heated could not come out of the bottle. Haha. It’s not too much of a hassle though, as it doesn’t stop your brushes from being nourished)

See how dirty my brush is? Now watch

Here’s another demontration:

(I cleaned a lot of my eye makeup brushes in the process of this, hence all the crap in the tub! Haha)

Tip: When drying your brushes, hanging them upside down is the best way possible. By standing them upright after just washing them, the water will seep into the brush holder and loosen up the glue in the handle. We need to avoid this at all costs otherwise shedding is inevitable! (Drying them upside down also means less bacteria/dust will fall back onto the brush)

I hope you found this post helpful. How do you clean your brushes? Willing to try this out? Let me know! :blush:

Take care for now my lovelies, :kiss:


Louise Yafai

Louise is the founder of Non-Fiction Beauty. She studies Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy and has an addiction to sweetcorn.

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